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Getting to know you

TBC Crate Member Birthday Club. When is your birthday?

As an active crate subscriber, we will wish you a happy birthday the TBC way. Who knows maybe you'll even get a gift or a little birthday discount.

What size shirt do you wear?

In the future, we may want to include a shirt in our crate. We need to know what would be the perfect size for you.

What's your favorite genre?

We'd love to know what genres your into, especially if you are a random pick subscriber. We also use this response for birthday's.

How did you hear about us? What made you sign up with us?

Tell us where or how you found out about us, whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, a friend or family member we'd like to know. We also want to know what made you take the leap with us. Please include a link to where you found us, if applicable.

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