About Us

Find out a little about us and our commitment to you.

The makings of Totally Booked Crate 

My name is Ginnie and I am a booknerd! I have a great love for books, they are my babies. I created My Guilty Pleasures to share the love of reading romance and young adult fiction with other women readers. I believe that no one should be ashamed of what they read, whether its romance or young adult fiction!  

I have been thinking of creating this box since March 2016, but I wanted to do all the necessary research to get it started. This idea stemmed after receiving my own YA book box, the bookstagram community and the excitement I felt when I received my first book box. Since I am also a lover of romance I decided to create my own book box to give that same feeling to others. So, My Guilty Pleasures was born to provide sexy reads and pampering for discerning readers.

I decided to change the name of the site because we are planning to expand, so to make it easier and inclusive to all age groups we came up with the new name, logo, and decided to separate the two subscriptions. I have been talking to my team about changing the name for awhile, each name we came up with just wasn't THE ONE. It was until recently that my co-curator came up with the name Totally Booked. I loved the sound of it and I knew that definitely was THE ONE, hence how TBC was born.  Now we have Totally Booked Crate which is our young adult crate and  My Guilty Pleasures Book Crate which is our romance crate.  

My Commitment To You

I am always seeking to create the BEST box every month, I am committed to offering you a great read. My team will do all necessary research or even read the book, to carefully select the one special book we know you, our reader, will enjoy and love. We are also dedicated to providing you with the perfect crate made with high quality materials. We take great pride in how we package our box because we pack it so much LOVE! 

My Customer Service Commitment To You  

Serving our customers are our number one priority. We want every customer to be surprised and excited about the gifts in each box and be excited for their next box. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service and keeping you a happy and satisfied customer every time you shop with us. We'd love to hear your feedback or suggestions! Don't be afraid to drop us a note through email or our social media platforms. For giveaways and sneak peeks follow us on Instagram. 

 Business Hours:  

Monday-Thursday 10am - 9pm 

Friday & Saturday 10am - 10pm 

Sunday  CLOSED  (We will only answer to emergencies)